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“Credit 12 is the only website I could find that answered all of my questions with short videos and also gave me the forms I needed to take charge for myself!”
Bill Conwell - Peoria, IL

“I didn’t want to pay someone to fix my credit report so Credit 12 showed me how to do it for myself.  Easily worth the $47!”
Gloria Mize - San Antonio, TX
“The videos were great and easy to understand.  The Last Will & Testament Kit was a very unexpected bonus!  I would recommend this course to anyone!”
Holland & Janice McAlister - Naples, FL
What’s included in Credit 12?

FREE CREDIT REPORT: We’ll  explain how credit scores are calculated, what a good credit score is vs. a bad one.  We’ll also show you how to get a copy of your credit report the correct way and how to avoid the FREE credit report scams that you see on TV!


The Top 4 Credit Mistakes: We’ll show you the most common credit mistakes people make and how to avoid them or correct them if you’ve already done them yourself!

E-Books:  You get instant access to “The Organized Payment Center!” and “Conquering Your Household Budget!”.  We’ll also give you access to several other unique credit books throughout the twelve month credit course.

12 Month Credit Video Tips:  There is no way you can learn everything at once so we’ll make it easy on you by providing you with weekly credit tips throughout the course of a year.


“When we were told we couldn’t buy a home because of our credit we were devistated.  Credit 12 helped us turn things around and get our scores where they needed to be!”
Kyle & Cindy Albright - Indianapolis, IN
“I started out with a credit repair company that overcharged me and did nothing to fix my credit.  With the credit repair company that Credit 12 referred me to I saw results within the first 60 days!  You guys rock!!!”
Thomas Kline - Boise, ID



The Credit Help Center

Easy to Understand Videos

12 Months Credit Video Tips

Monthly Action Plans

15+ Custom E-Books

Templates & Forms


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